Brighton Lindy Hop Festival 

Dedicated to dance



Brighton is a magical place with live jazz music played acorss the city every day and a class almost every evening.

Our classes are being held in the Marina Studios in Brighton Marina, a family run award winning studio space with sprung floors and mirrors in each studio.

There is free parking in the marina and the buses in Brighton make everything in the city really easy to get to.

The classes for all of the levels will be held at the same time as each other and you will receive classes from all of the teachers.

The evening dances will take place in the Unitarian Church, a ten minute walk from the train station, right in the city center.

Levels of dance


New dancer.


Level one– You may be completely new to dancing, or you may have learnt a few six count moves or eight count moves, and now you want some more!


Don’t worry, you will be safe in the hands of our teachers.

Intermediate dancer


Level two– You can do a Swing Out, dance in time, now maybe looking for some styling and an easier way into Tandem Charleston.


Maybe looking for fluidity in you dance and ideas to be more musical too.

Advanced dancer.


Level three– You have danced Lindyhop for over three years and regularly attend your local advance class/perform/attend festivals.


You know your stuff but you also know the importance of a technique class.



Friday night Welcome dance at the Unitarian Church on New Road in the center of the city. 7pm-11pm


Saturday day





Saturday night Dance at the Unitarian Church on New Road in the center of the city. 7pm-11pm

Sunday day