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Balboa Workshop 3rd June, 1-4pm.

Balboa is an original swing dance that emerged during the late 1920's and early 1930's. It was created on the west coast (LA Region), while Lindy Hop was emerging on the east coast (New York).

This class is aimed at people who have been dancing Balboa for a short time, and higher level people who still want to improve their basics. The focus will be on how to lead and follow pure Balboa, some common pure Bal and Bal Swing moves, and easy transitions between the two.

Brighton Balboa presents... An afternoon of Balboa with UK expert Dan Guest & Nikki D Sat

Monday 19th June.

We are delighted to host a fabulous dance event showcasing Sussex Swing and dance themed collections from the Mass Observation Archive and The Keep.


They've got a fantastic display of archives ready to show everyone about social dancing and vintage fashion. RObert and i will be teaching some dancing and I'll also be doing a vintage hair workshop in the afternoon

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