About us

Sussex Swing was started by Lizzie in 2007. It has blossomed from one class a week to many with three dancing festivals a year,  we also teach at peoples weddings and perform at events.

On the team is Keiren, Lizzie, Kate & Peter. Just click on their picture to find out more about them.


What we wear

Swing dancing.


The most important thing to wear is the right shoes. Flat shoes or a small heel is great, you must be able to slide around in them, shoes with grip just wont work.

 Ballroom & Latin.


Again, its all about the shoes! Smooth soles are best. Jeans are not really suitable as they restrict leg movement, anything else is fine. We save the ballgowns for special occasions.


About the dance

Swing dancing.

The style of Swing dance we teach is Lindy Hop, there is also East Coast Swing and West Coast Swing.


Lindy Hop came from New York in the late 1920s developing from the Charleston and the Breakaway. It is danced to Jazz and Swing music.



Ballroom & Latin.

You might have heard of the Waltz and Cha Cha Cha, well there are ten dances within Ballroom & Latin, and we do them all!


With all of our dance classes, you do not need a partner to join in. Most people come on their own and make friends in the class. The venues have free parking nearby.